About Us

Beauty is natural, but feminity, style and elegance are distinguishing qualities.

Eurocosmetic started its activity in 2006, centering on import and distribution of personal hygienic products.

In 2007 the first production unit was already opening its gates, and our company was on the way to positioning itself on the market as a point of reference relating to production and commercialization of various weights of cotton wool.

Presently we produce a wide range of personal hygienic products like: cotton wool, cotton pads, cotton swabs for adults and for babies, sanitary napkins with wings and pantyliners, different sizes of tampons.

Also we produce some medical products like: dental rolls, elastic bandages, and elastic tubular bandages.

Our mission is to make a difference between low quality hygienic products and the ones with a high quality, and to offer the latter to all the clients at a resonable price. In order to complete our mission, in 2011 we implemented a quality management system: SR EN ISO 9001.